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Mt. Moriah in Deadwood, South Dakota


Mt. Moriah vintage postcard.

Towering over Deadwood to the east is Mt. Moriah where a number of Deadwood's notable residents are buried including Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, Preacher Henry Smith, Madam Dora DuFran, Potato Creek Johnny, and more.

Deadwood's first cemetery was on lower ground and called the Ingleside Cemetery. However, as more and more people moved into the town to work in the gold mines, a need for new homes prompted the city to move the graveyard up the steep hill of Mt. Moriah. The new cemetery was created in 1877 and the bodies, including that of Wild Bill Hickok were exhumed and moved to the new location. However, locals tell that every now and then when the ground is excavated around their homes, a human bone or two will sometimes still be found.

Surrounded by fragrant pine trees, the Mt. Moriah has several sections for different ethnic groups, which was common at the time the cemetery was created.  In the old Chinese section, a large number of bodies were once buried here, but were later were exhumed and returned to China, leaving only a few remaining. The cemetery also has a separate Jewish section, a Civil War veteran area, and three Potters' Fields, which hold the remains of early day indigents and prostitutes. The largest section is for the Masons in the center of the cemetery, because many of Deadwood's prominent citizens belonged to that group.

Seth Bullock's grave is not actually in the cemetery but is some 750 feet above the main area. He was buried here at his request so that the grave faced the Mt. Roosevelt memorial, which was visible at the time.

The cemetery has been restored with brick walls, new roadways, a visitor's center, and an overlook which provides a spectacular view of Deadwood.


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Kathy Weiser/Legends of America, December, 2012.


Deadwood from Mt. Moriah today

Deadwood from Mt. Moriah today, July, 2006, Kathy Weiser.


Madam Dora DuFran's grave at Mt. Moriah

Madam Dora DuFran's grave at Mt. Moriah, July, 2006,

Kathy Weiser.

Bill Hickok's gravesite in Deadwood, South Dakota

Wild Bill Hickok's grave today in Deadwood,

South Dakota, July, 2006, Kathy Weiser.


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