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Missouri 66 Gallery - Gray Summit to Cuba

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Old Motels between St. Clair and Stanton, Missouri



Motels and tourist courts once dotted the entire expanse of Route 66. As the interstates replaced the vintage path, many of these were bypassed, quickly losing their customers and often sending the businesses into bankruptcy. Beyond St. Clair, Missouri Route 66 meanders along the North Service Road, where several old motels are in various stages of disrepair.


Old motel beyond St. Clair

This old motel, on the north service road in St. Clair, appears to be still "lived in."

Perhaps, it is rented as apartments. Kathy Weiser, November, 2007.


 The Agape House, at 1095 N Service Rd W in St. Clair, was once an old motel. Today the Agape House ministry group provides assistance to families in need. Kathy Weiser, November, 2007.









Old motel near Stanton, Missouri

This old motel, near Stanton, Missouri, is well kept and appears to be a private residence. It is located just past

 Lawrence Lane, before Highway JJ, at IN8-115 North Service Road. Kathy Weiser, November, 2007.



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