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October, 2011


Legends Of America visits the North Dakota ghost town of ArenaBoo!! everyone. I can't believe it's already October. Time flies far too quickly, especially when you're busy. Love our work and our lives; but, things of late have been hectic as we've taken on a couple of new and very large projects. And, like lots of other small business, we've reached that point that we really need to hire someone to help; but, just can't do it yet. We'll keep plugging away; and, I share this just to explain why you haven't seen a newsletter lately. Unfortunately, they've never been on a "regular" schedule and kind of get fitted in as time allows. But, don't forget you can get a daily dose of our " newsletter " on our Facebook Page.


So, what have we been doing?? Well, the first project, our new Legends Photo Shop is up and running!! Would love you take a look and keep on looking cuz' we're always adding more photos.


We also implemented a new online program for travel reservations. While we've long offered hotel reservations on our site, the provider was not well known and charged a fee to our customers. Now, we've partnered with Expedia, the largest online travel company in the world and you can trust making your reservations on Legends Of America to book not only hotels, but also airfare, cars, hotels, and cruises. You can also see road Trips, destination guides, and much more to assist you with your travel planning!


And, we did get back on the road for a bit. At the end of September, we covered bits and pieces of seven states in ten days, with the goal of visiting North Dakota, a state neither of us had ever visited. Though September can be iffy when headed north, our timing was perfect, as Nebraska, and South Dakota all had beautiful weather. In North Dakota, we found dozens of ghost towns and took lots of photos; but, didn't get to spend as much time as we would have liked as they have a great big oil boom goin' on up there and few hotel vacancies. We then headed south; made a quick detour in to Wyoming to capture Devil's Tower, and back into South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas, where we welcomed a brand new grandbaby. That's just the best thang about getting "old." Gotta love them grandkids! Then finally home to Missouri.


You'll begin to see lots of new stories on these many places; but, in the meantime, see lots of information and photos through the links to the Blog and Facebook photos provided below under New Additions and Feature Stories.


We got our heads back on straight after a little break. Now, we begin work on a brand new shopping cart that will hopefully make things a lot easier for our customers. Whooo-hooooooo, more left-braniac stuff.


So.......... until next time, have a great Halloween!


Kathy Weiser-Alexander

Photo Freak of the Moment, Butt of Dave's Jokes, "Mother" of a neurotic dog.


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New Additions & Feature Stories

Featured Travel Destination


Route 66


Notes From the Rocky Mountain General Store


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New Additions and Feature Stories


Vessey, SD School, Kathy Weiser-Alexander, September 2011Our new Photo Store continues to feature the many vintage photographs we've been carrying for several years, as well as photos taken during our travels. Here, however, you'll find hundreds more that have been added from our collection -- from ghost towns to historic places, Route 66, scenic views, and lots more. Of course, you can still find our vintage Old West, Native American, Nostalgic, and Historic People prints.


Boot on a fence in North Dakota

I had a little fun with this creating a brand new category -- Photo Art. Here, I picked out some of my favorite photographs and manipulated them by adding, taking away from, and moving objects in the original composition, then posterizing or giving them a water color effect. Oh, yeah, that was a great break from technical left-brained stuff to my fave -- creative right braining. More typical "me," you'll find some fun stuff here including Domestic Bliss, Fill 'Er Up, Good Ole' Days, Wild Wild West, and Your Town USA.


The Photo Store also provides a number of new products including framing, apparel, canvas wraps, memorabilia, and even "real" Postage Stamps from our many photos. We would love to hear some feedback about what you think of the new gallery.


All this photo stuff brought us to some historic photographers. Like William Henry Jackson a painter, photographer, and explorer, known as the first person to photograph the wonders of Yellowstone. Jackson is one of several you can read about as we expand on Historic Photographers and Artists in American History . Like always, one story leads to another and before you know it I've got articles of more photographers, such as those who worked for the Farm Security Administration during the Great Depression and Dust Bowl Days. These moving photographs were created by of great photographers, such as Dorothea Lange, Russell Lee, Jack Delano, and many other talented artists. Stay tuned as we continue to feature many of the names that have helped to document our great American History.


Read about these stories and more by visiting our What's New Page.


Meanwhile, our trip to North Dakota was quick but a blast. If you didn't get a chance to follow our travels through the Blog or Facebook, here's some links you may be interested in.


To North Dakota - Are We Out of Missouri Yet?

North Dakota Bound in Pictures


Iowa to South Dakota

Iowa to South Dakota in Pictures


Yankton, SD to Jamestown ND

Yankton, SD to Jamestown ND in Pictures


Jamestown ND to Deadwood SD

Jamestown ND to Bowman ND in Pictures

Bowman ND to Deadwood SD in Pictures


Deadwood, SD to Devils Tower, WY

Deadwood, SD to Devils Tower, WY in Pictures


Our Journey Home

Our Journey Home in Pictures




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Featured Travel Destination

We took a poll this month via a Facebook Question as to which city in the American West was the most haunted. It's similar to a poll we took with our newsletter readers back in 2005. And just like that 2005 poll, Tombstone Arizona wins hands down.


Like so many other places in the Old West with violent histories, Tombstone is said to be one of the most haunted in Arizona.


Tombstone Streets


Tombstone, Arizona, Allen Street, 1882 The streets of Tombstone themselves are said to be the pathways of many a lingering spirit, one of which is the long dead Marshal Fred White, who was accidentally shot by Cowboy faction leader, Curly Bill Brocius on October 28, 1880. White, the first marshal of Tombstone, had gained the respect of the Clanton Gang, and in fact, had arrested "Cowboy members on a number of occasions, rarely having any problems when doing so. In the early morning of October 28th, Curly Bill and several of his cohorts were making sport by shooting up the town.


When White went to disarm the gunman, a shot was accidentally fired, hitting White in the groin. Though, it was thought that he would make a full recovery, two days later he died. Today, he is said to haunt the street in front of the shooting site, which was an empty lot where the Bird Cage Theatre was built a year later.


Another cowboy, that of a man moving along in a long black frock coat, has also been seen on a number of occasions. Crossing the road, the apparition is often seen near the site where Virgil Earp was ambushed and shot in the arm, crippling him for life. The spirit never makes it across the street, leading many to believe that this may the ghost of Virgil Earp, himself.


A woman in a long white dress has also been spied on Tombstone streets. One legend tells that she is a fretful mother whose child died from the yellow fever in the 1880s, and devastated, she took her own life later. Another version of the tale claims that she was a brothel madam who was hanged and continues to stalk to streets in search of her executioners.


Boothill, Tombstone Arizona, 2008Lawlessness though was not the only cause of numerous deaths during Tombstone's heydays. Twice it suffered terrible fires, the first in June, 1881 and a second in May, 1882. During these two infernos, which both wiped out significant areas of the business district, more than 40 men lost their lives in the crowded saloons and brothels that burned to the ground. These long-dead, suffering men are also said to make themselves known, appearing complete with drastic burns. Others have reported the smell of smoke and burning materials when there is no explainable reason.



Read more, including haunts from the Ok Corral and Boot Hill HERE!





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That you can see daily stories, from the Old West to Route 66, on our Legends Facebook Page? With our Good Guy and Bad Guy of the week spotlights, travel destinations and Quirky Saturday, it's a daily dose of Legends sure to please!




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Route 66 Emporium

Route 66

Inside the Tulsa Little Theatre, photo courtesy of Tulsa Little TheatreGhosts of the Tulsa Little Theatre - The Tulsa Little Theatre, located in an unassuming brick building at 15th and Delaware Streets in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is not only steeped in history, but is also said to be home to several unearthly guests.


Built in 1932 by the Tulsa Little Theatre group, in an extremely plain art nouveau design, the first show produced in their new building was the Cradle Song.

In the beginning, the Little Theatre troupe had no permanent location when it started offering productions in 1922.


However, they were undeterred, maintaining that "the show must go on," in any place they could find large canvas tents, movie theaters and even at the American Legion, before they finally found built their permanent home at 15th and Delaware.


Workshops were held in the storage room of Palace Clothiers, which later became the location of the Ritz Theater. By 1925, the Little Theatre group numbered over 300 members and began to perform at the Alhambra Theater at 15th and Peoria. In 1929, the Little Theatre purchased the property at 15th and Delaware, which would be its home for the next 60 years. East Lynne, the first production at their new location was performed in a tent.


Despite the depression, the Tulsa Little Theatre continued its performances and in 1932 completed its permanent building. During the 1930's and '40's, the Delaware Playhouse, as it became known, was the epicenter of Tulsa's arts and entertainment scene. Over the years, the theater hosted hundreds of plays and entertainment events as it went through multiple directors and saw actors come and go.


In 1965, the theatre suffered a fire after its third performance of The Women, resulting in the destruction of stage props, furniture, and costumes. Just a year later, the theatre suffered yet another blaze during the production of South Pacific. Though the fire destroyed much of the upstairs property, the theatre persevered.


In 1974, the troupe changed its name to Theatre Tulsa, Inc. but remained in the art nouveau location. More than a decade later, in 1989, the group had outgrown their building and moved to the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, where it continues to be the resident company of the facility.


For the next two years the old theatre building sat vacant until it finally sold. Over the next decade, the aging building changed hands several times, and was utilized for several purposes, including a church, a nightclub, and a recording studio.


Read more HERE




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I love Legends Of America. I can always find so much interesting reading material here, and I learn a lot of history that I never knew. - Dorsie, Kansas


Love your web site. They never told us this stuff in school. - Dave, Wisconsin


Thank you so much for your tremendously interesting and informative site. It is bookmarked on my computer; I will be returning often and share with both American and French friends alike. Your site is a excellent learning tool for those interested in learning more about the true spirit of the original American West . - Joanne, France


I love the way you write. I felt like I was along side you on your adventure. - Yvonne, California


Kathy & Dave, once again the effort, research and time you put into your site pays off. In today's busy world it is not often I find the time to go through an entire blognewsletter , yet yours just won't let me walk away. - Jim, from anywhere on the road.


I really enjoyed reading your newsletter . There is so much information and lots of neat stuff. - Darryl, New Mexico




Dave and I truly appreciate all of your feedback and look forward to bringing you more! - Kathy Weiser


Notes from the Rocky Mountain General Store

Legends New Rocky Mountain General Store is Under Construction

We're gearing up for this years Holiday Season, and in our effort to make your shopping experience with us better, we hope to open our new online store by Thanksgiving. The new store will bring you the ability to create your own account, earn rewards, buy gift certificates, and shop in an even more secure environment. We will have our own "store" newsletter that you can sign up for that will keep you informed of specials and new products throughout the year.


Since it's just Kathy and I "constructing" the new Legends Online store, we have our work cut out for us. So be watching for announcements via our existing Rocky Mountain General store page as we get closer to announcing the Grand Opening.


Meanwhile, we still have plenty of merchandise to browse through now, including our Nostalgic Tin Signs, Postcards, Old West and Route 66 books and more! These are great gifts for that special someone on your list, even if that special someone is you!


We continue to get great reviews from our customers. Here are just a few.


Donald in Washington State writes - "My experience was great with this store and I have already told people about it. I would buy from this store again without hesitating."


David in Australia writes - "Excellent. I was surprised at how easy it was to order from you. the book arrived in record time. You certainly exceeded my expectations."


And Jerrald in Florida says - "Great! Good communication and the product arrived quickly. Thanks"


Thanks for the great comments. We are committed to putting customer service as our top priority!


Dave Alexander


Wrapper of Merchandise, Signer of Thank You Cards and Wrapper Dude


P.S. - The stick figures in the New Store Coming Soon picture above are mine. It's supposed to be Kathy and I working on the new store. Kathy wouldn't be caught dead drawing something that bad.


September/October in American History


September 5th, 1847 - Jesse James is born.

September 11, 2001 - America Attacked by Terrorists

September 13, 1814 - Francis Scott Key composes the Star Spangled Banner during the battle of Fort McHenry.

September 17, 1862 - Civil War Battle of Antietam.

September 29, 1789 - United States Congress officially creates the US Military.

October 6, 1866 - The first train robbery in the United States is performed by the Reno Gang.

October 16, 1859 - John Brown leads the assault on Harpers Ferry.

October 20, 1803 - The Louisiana Purchase is ratified by the US Senate.

October 24, 1861 - The Pony Express ends as the first transcontinental telegraph system is completed.

October 28, 1919 - Congress Passes the Volstead Act, starting prohibition.

October 31 - Happy Halloween


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