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Legends Letter September 2013

Photo ContestHowdy Everyone!  This will be a quick newsletter to catch you up and let you know that we have extended our 10th Anniversary Digital Photo Contest to October 15.  Although we've had plenty of entries, Kathy thinks you have more to offer from Summer vacations, etc, and wanted to make sure everyone has enough time to enter.


Here are the 3 Prize packages up for grabs:


1ST PLACE: (Worth over $130)


1- 20x30 Print using your photo, or another from our Photo Print Shop*

1- 11x14 Print using your photo, or another from our Photo Print Shop*

2- 8x10 Prints using your photo, or another from our Photo Print Shop

2- T-Shirts with your photo, or another from our Photo Print Shop


2ND PLACE: (Worth over $85)


1- 11x14 Print using your photo, or another from our Photo Print Shop*

2- 8x10 Prints using your photo, or another from our Photo Print Shop

2 - Playing Card Sets using your photo, or another from our Photo Print Shop


3RD PLACE: (Worth over $45)


2- 8x10 Prints using your photo, or another from our Photo Print Shop

10 - Greeting Cards using your photo, or another from our Photo Print Shop


It's simple to enter, just go to our Photo Contest rules and entry page here for more information and how to send your images.


Meanwhile, our summer included a journey along parts of the Santa Fe Trail in Southwestern Kansas and Northeast New Mexico, with some "No Mans Land" of Oklahoma thrown in for good measure.  It was a fun trip that included parts of an early alignment of Route 66 in New Mexico.  Feeling nostalgic about her roots, Kathy also led us on an expedition of Hutchinson County Texas.  See links to our Travel Blog and the various segments of our Journey below in the New Additions section.


The rest of our Summer was spent remodeling our Photo Print Shop (still working on that), as well as adding up a few new products we thought you might like in our General Store.  In addition, Kathy got the bright idea to take a step back in time and start a new booth at a local Warsaw Antique Shop.  She's planning on displaying some items there that don't necessarily fit with our General Store.  She doesn't get the space until tomorrow, so that means the garage is full of stuff waiting to be moved.  We'll share some pics in the next newsletter. 


But it's not all work of course. Although I usually start my day before the sun rises, I do keep an eye out the window for morning views to be captured.  I don't promote these photos on our website, as they are just for fun, but I thought I would share some of my favorites with you since you're some of our best readers.  You can visit my "Sitting on the Dock at the Lake" gallery here.


Dave Alexander - Braver of chiggers for morning glory.


September Morn - Dave Alexander, 2013

September Morn - Dave Alexander, 2013


In this Edition:


New Additions and Featured Stories


Featured Travel Destination: St. James Hotel in Cimarron


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New Additions and Featured Stories  
We've added up a few stories since our last newsletter.  Check out the latest from our What's New Page:


Janis-Ziegler House, Ste. Genevieve, MissouriSte. Genevieve - Europeans West of the Mississippi River - Ste. Genevieve is one of the oldest surviving French settlements in Missouri and is the only place in the upper Mississippi Valley where several buildings of the pre-American period have survived.


Chicago's Flapper Ghost of the Roaring Twenties (by Marlon Heimerl) - At 1800 South Harlem Avenue our fabled Flapper is quite dead - a legendary regional ghost of Chicago. Yet like many legendary specters from a romanticized time and place, the story of the 'Flapper Ghost' takes a nearly formulaic narrative turn.


Louis Ross racing in the twin-engined Stanley 'Woogle-Bug' steam automobile - Daytona Beach, Florida 1903

Optimistic Pessimism and Myopic Visionaries  (Automobile Evolution) - From author Jim Hinckley; There were business leaders who created vast empires that viewed the future of the automobile with a sense of optimistic pessimism. There were visionaries whose attempts to transform the world with imaginative innovation were hampered by extreme myopia.


On the Road to the Santa Fe Trail - From Legends' Travel Blog, we hit the road for our Summer 13 adventure, and start with some Santa Fe Trail history along the Cimarron Branch from southwest Kansas, into Oklahoma, and New Mexico, with Ghost Towns and other Old West history along the way. 


Clayton to Las Vegas and Ghosts In Between - From Legends' Travel Blog, we continue our Santa Fe Trail adventure from Clayton to Las Vegas, then spend some quality time at Pecos National Historic Park with Native American, Spanish, Santa Fe Trail and even Civil War History. We even stumbled upon the Pre-1937 alignment of Route 66!


Las Vegas, NM to Stinnett, Tx via Route 66 and the Old West - From Legends' Travel Blog, we head south from Las Vegas and pick up original Route 66, and follow the Mother Road to Tucumcari, before heading over to the Texas Panhandle.


Dawning of a New Age  - Author Jim Hinckley sets the stage for the battle of the titans in the Automotive Industry. 


Old West Wisdom

Tossin' your rope before buildin' a loop don't ketch the calf.

If you're ridin' ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then, to make sure it's still there with ya.

When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.


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Old West Trivia

Judge Roy Bean once killed a Mexican official in a dispute over a girl in California. A friend of the Mexican official hanged Bean; but, before he died, he was cut down by the contested damsel. Ever after, Bean was unable to turn his head due to the injury.

Featured Travel Destination  
October is upon us, so we thought a nice Old West haunt would be a good place to start.

St James Hotel, Cimarron, New Mexico

The St James Hotel was built in 1872 by Henri Lambert (later changed to Henry) and was originally called Lambert's Inn. Its saloon, restaurant and 43 rooms were witness to at least 26 murders during Cimarron's wilder days. Clay Allison, Black Jack Ketchum, Jesse James, and Buffalo Bill Cody have all left their mark on the St. James, as attested by the numerous bullet holes in the ceiling of the main dining room.


Before Henry made his way to New Mexico, he was the personal chef to President Lincoln, upon the recommendation of Ulysses S. Grant. He continued to hold the position until the president was assassinated in 1865. Before long, Henry made his way west in search of gold. Finally settling in Elizabethtown, New Mexico, he opened a saloon and restaurant instead of finding gold.


At this time Elizabethtown, Cimarron, and much of the surrounding was owned by Lucien B. Maxwell. The Maxwell Land Grant was the largest land grant ever made in the United States. When Maxwell sold the grant in 1870, the new Land Grant Company men discovered that the French chef, Henry Lambert, was working in Elizabethtown and enticed him to come to Cimarron.


The Lambert Inn, as it was called at the time, started business in 1872. Built during a time when law and order was non-existent, the saloon quickly gained a reputation as a place of violence, where it is said that 26 men were shot and killed within its adobe walls. The first question usually asked around Cimarron in the morning was: "Who was killed at Lambert's last night?" Another favorite expression following a killing was: "It appears Lambert had himself another man for breakfast." 


The saloon was wildly popular to cowboys, traders, miners and the many travelers of the Santa Fe Trail. The saloon did so well that Henry added guest rooms in 1880, and the hotel was soon considered to be one of the most elegant hotels west of the Mississippi.


Many well-known people stayed there over the years. Wyatt Earp, his brother Morgan, and their wives spent three nights at the St. James on their way to Tombstone, Arizona. Jesse James stayed there several times, always in room 14, signing the registry with his alias, R.H. Howard. Jesse James’ nemesis and would be killer, Bob Ford, also stayed at the St. James.


Buffalo Bill Cody, who was a goat ranch manager for Lucien Maxwell for a short time, met Annie Oakley at the hotel and began to plan and rehearse their Wild West Show. When Henry’s son Fred  was born, Buffalo Bill nicknamed him "Cyclone Dick” because he was born during a blustery snow storm, and he was soon asked to be Fred’s godfather.


As Fred Lambert grew older, Buffalo Bill would be one of the first to give him instruction in the use of guns. Fred Lambert would spend his entire life upholding the law as a Cimarron Sheriff, a member of the tribal police and a territorial marshal. When Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley left Cimarron to take their show on the road, they took an entire village of Indians from the Cimarron area with them.


Continue reading HERE.



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Wine Barrel Home Decor Signs (made from real oak wine barrels)

Wine Barrel Home Decor Signs (made from real oak wine barrels)

The perfect adornment, a personalized real Oak Barrel sign. Choose from seven different designs. Measures roughly 19 to 20 inches round and 2 to 3 inches thick and comes with an aged metal hoop that surrounds the sign, just like old wine barrels. This rustic, unique wall decor is a great gift for friends or for your own home. New in Legends' General Store!


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What a fascinating website. Being an Aussie who's traveled some of these areas, finding it enthralling. - Margaret, Australia

Thank you so much the linen photograph of the reclining women in big nose Kates' Saloon in Tombstone AZ. The picture is even better than I had imagined. I found an antique picture frame and will mount it above the saloon bar. We will share it with all of our guest at our 40th Anniversary Party. Thank You so much! Sincerely,  Mule Skinner Boots, Chelsea, MI

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Very cool site! Love the pics and stories. Love ghost towns. I hope more info continues to be added. - Tricia, Nevada


I happened upon this website and have just spent the last 2 hours clicking from topic to topic to topic. I love it. Very interesting. - Karen, Washington



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