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Legends Letter

June, 2013

10th Anniversary Edition


Legendary Times, June, 2003



Ok, ok, no such news story ever ran, but, Hey!! -- This is a big deal!  Legends of America is officially 10 years old today, June 27!!! Did you know that only 35% of small businesses make it this far?? We are very pleased to be in the group that has. The causes for failure?? Most common are: lack of business experience, poor planning and under capitalization. Because these core reasons are all interdependent on one another, if one fails, the whole thing fails. I'm not saying that we're smarter than the average bear; but, we do have significant business and customer service experience, did our research, had a plan, and grew the business slowly.


There's also a couple of great reasons for success: 1 - Love your business and be willing to ride out the rough times, and 2 - Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Check √ and Check √.


But, the main reason for our success???  You - Ya'll - You Guys, Gals, Friends & Neighbors, and All the great people we've met during our travels. Some of ya'll have been with me since the start, when the writing was comprised of only New Mexico, Kansas, and Colorado. Over the years, Legends grew, with additional state after state, along with their histories, legends, people, and great destinations. We broadened our scope from focusing primarily on the Old West to all of American History -- from the American Revolution to the Dust Bowl, the Civil War to Prohibition Mobsters; the Declaration of Independence to Native Americans; Ghost Towns to National Parks, and everything in between. And we continue to grow as we travel and research. America is so rich in history I'm sure we'll be busy until retirement. And considering we don't want to retire, that'll be a long time.


Over the years, we've added Legends General Store and Legends Photo Shop, which, along with advertising, is the bread and butter that keeps this website up and running, and our wheels turning beneath us as we venture across this great nation -- from California to Florida, back roads and two-lane highways, mountains and deserts, and everything in between.


Some of you have read with interest, or perhaps boredom, as I struggled in the beginning, just to know how to build a website, then multiple changes as I tried to make improvements, add stories and photographs, and cover more and more territory, while still holding down a full-time job. Then, I tossed that to the wayside, and you trudged through the writing as I welcomed three grandchildren, dragged Dave across the country on his every day off and vacation, were "there" when we got married, when he finally gave up his "real job" and joined me full-time, adopted our two mascot dogs, and have been along for the ride in our virtual passenger seat as we travel from one destination to the next.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Without you, Legends wouldn't be alive, much less for ten years, and eagerly looking forward to the next decade.


Cheers!!! And, Happy Trails!


Kathy Weiser-Alexander, Owner/Editor*

*(Lover of getting lost, teller of tales, hoarder of all things old, ghost hunter, and butt of Dave's jokes)


P.S. If you have a real interest in the history of Legends' beginnings, Dave wrote up the whole story in last year's June Newsletter -- you can see it HERE.




In this Edition:


New Additions and Featured Stories

The Inspiration for Legends Of America

Tenth Anniversary Photo Contest

Featured Product

Feedback and Suggestions




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Kathy in April 2004.  It was the first work trip she took me on. She's taking a picture of an outhouse.  In fact, the theme for the entire trip was outhouses.  I had no appreciation for it then, but I get it now :) - Dave Alexander.



Route 66 Emporium

Visit the Route 66 Emporium

Route 66 Books, Maps, Signs, Photos & More.

New Additions and Featured Stories  


Feeling nostalgic about the reasons this website started 10 years ago, we decided to pay homage to our roots. 


This history of Hutchinson County, Texas and its many places is dedicated to the William Carson Womble Family, who first came to the area in 1902. William Carson Womble, the patriarch Hutchinson County, Texas family tree, married Mollie T. Robinson (1876-1964) near Eulogy, Texas at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Robinson, on October 14, 1894.


Adobe Walls - Buffalo & Battles - Just north of the Canadian River, in what is now northeast Hutchinson County, Texas, is the site of Adobe Walls. This was the name given to a couple of trading posts and later, a ranching community.



grandma Irene Foster, inspiration for Legends Of America

Thava Irene Foster, my grandma from Stinnett, Texas, sitting in front of our old Idlewild cabin.  She was and is  the inspiration for Legends of America.


Old West Wisdom

Never miss a good chance to shut up.

Behind every successful rancher is a wife who works in town.

Speak your mind, but ride a fast horse.

Be thankful we're not getting all the government we're paying for.

Take no more on your heels than you can kick off with your toes.

Its a big mistake to drive black cattle in the dark.

A smart ass just doesn't fit in the saddle.

Virtue is its own punishment.


Vintage western magazines for sale.


Old West Trivia

Estimates of how many people lived in North America before the arrival of the European explorers vary from 8.4 million to 112 million. This population was divided into about 240 tribal groupings speaking an estimated 300 different languages.



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We added up quite a bit more since last month's newsletter, including A House Divided, Senatorial Candidate Abraham Lincoln's historic speech in June of 1858 to the Illinois Republican Convention that may have lost him the Senate race, but launched him into the National spotlight and further rallied the North against slavery.


One Foot in the Stirrup and One on the Throttle - Author Jim Hinckley explores The Chicago Times Herald race of 1894 that would be the catalyst to public interest in gasoline powered horseless carriages, otherwise known as the motor vehicle.


We're expanding on our Route66 Personalities/Stories with On the Road with The Road Crew. The popular Nashville based rockabilly band, The Road Crew, entertains up and down the Mother Road, and is America's official Route 66 Band.  Be watching for additional "personality" stories about Route 66, and if you have a story of your own, or know of a Mother Road legend we should write about, shoot us a note and let us know!  Contact info is at the bottom of this newsletter.


Ghost Towns of Wyoming is our new main page of ghost towns for the "Forever West" state. - During the 1800's, the pioneering spirit was alive and well across the entirety of the vast West, including Wyoming. Across the Cowboy State, came thousands of pioneers along the Oregon, California, and Mormon Trails, looking to make new lives for themselves in Wyoming, Utah, California, and Oregon. Many of those hardy pioneers settled in Wyoming, despite its harsh climate, becoming farmers and ranchers.


Welcome to Davenport, OklahomaDavenport, Oklahoma - Still Kickin' on Route 66 - Just about seven miles southwest of Stroud, Oklahoma, travelers along old Route 66 will come to the small town of Davenport, first settled in the second great land run of 1891. Lincoln County, which included the future Davenport townsite, was opened to non-Indian settlers during the Sac and Fox Opening on September 22, 1891.


Kenton, Oklahoma Mercantile Kenton, Oklahoma & No Man's Land - Kenton once boasted about 350 people and numerous businesses. Today, it supports less than 20 people. Situated in the Panhandle of Oklahoma, this area was once called "No Man's Land", as it was attached to any state.


Knife River Earth Lodge, North DakotaKnife River Indian Villages National Historic Site - This Native American site in North Dakota preserves the historic and archaeological remnants of the Hidatsa Tribe.


Rough Riding Theodore Roosevelt - Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President, a soldier, author, naturalist, cowboy, and more.


Theodore Roosevelt National Park - Visitors to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, in North Dakota can experience the badlands in many of the same ways Roosevelt did in his time here, for the landscape is preserved as Roosevelt would have seen it.


Gascoyne, Nebraska School TodayBowman County, North Dakota Ghost Towns - There are several ghost towns in Bowman County, North Dakota including Gascoyne, Griffin, and Haley. Like beads on a string, towns were spaced across Bowman County with the advent of the Milwaukee Railroad in 1907 and 1908.


Lake McDonald at Glacier National Park, MontanaGlacier National Park - The Backbone of the World  - Glacier National Park preserves more than a million acres of forests, alpine meadows, lakes, rugged peaks and glacial-carved valleys in the Northern Rocky Mountains.


Alpine Loop National Back Country Byway - Tucked away in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado is one of the true gems of our public lands -- The Alpine Loop Back Country Byway.


The Lost '49ers - At the height of the California Gold Rush  a group of pioneers decided, against the warning of their wagon master, to take a "shortcut" across the unknown deserts of the West. This fatal misjudgment would give us one of our greatest stories of trial and heroism, and it would give us the name Death Valley.


See more "What's New" on Legends Of America HERE.


Featured Travel Destination  


Idlewild and the Klondyke Mine


Idlewild and the Klondyke Mine in New Mexico is where the seed for Legends of America was planted during the childhood of Legends' Founder Kathy Weiser-Alexander.


Klondike Mine, Idlewild, New MexicoThough the gold rush had petered out in the Moreno Valley by the early 1900's, some were still convinced that "there was gold in them thar hills." Fred Montague of Chanute, Kansas was one that still believed. He, along with four other investors, purchased property in the Moreno Valley and dug three tunnels in 1920, two of which showed little promise, but one would become the Klondyke Mine.


In the beginning, assay reports from the mine showed that the tunnel had large amounts of gold, silver and copper. An engineer from Denver advised the investors to build a mill. Before the mill was built, the owners first built several buildings on the property, including a mining office, a cook house, a general store and cabins for the miners.


Finally, the mill was built, but it was never a large operation, employing just 13 miners during the summer months, all of whom left in the winter except for a caretaker and overseer.


Unfortunately, only after the mill was built did the investors find, in 1926, that the grade of ore found needed to be smelted, and the nearest facility was in Pueblo, Colorado. Trucking the ore to Pueblo was too expensive to justify continuing the endeavor.

The Klondyke Mine was never very productive and the mining company was constantly in search of additional working capital, though they continued to hold board meetings until the 1940's. Finally, the mine was abandoned as a business venture, but the Montague family still retains the ten acres surrounding the mine.

Read more HERE.


Idlewild is very near Eagle Nest and another great place to make plans to visit.

Eagle Nest Vintage Postcard, courtesy Ann Tyer Walker



EnchantedCircleLogo.jpg (75x70 -- 4178 bytes)Eagle Nest is located in the Moreno Valley in the midst of the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Nestled between the states two highest peaks - Baldy Mountain (12,441 feet) and Wheeler Peek (13,161 feet), it sits at the junction of US Hwy 64 and State Hwy 38. High above sea level, at 8,300 feet, the village rests on the western slope of Baldy Mountain, an area rich in Gold Rush history.


Before the miners, the area was called home by the Ute and Jicarilla Apache Indians who roamed the area in search of game and golden feathers for ceremonial worship. When Elizabethtown, just 5 miles north, was in its heyday, the Eagle Nest area was utilized mostly for ranching and farming.


In 1873 Charles and Frank Springer founded the CS Ranch on the banks of the Cimarron River and in 1907 they applied for a permit to build the Eagle Nest Dam. It was almost 10 years before the Springers could hire the engineering firm of Bartlett and Ranney of San Antonio, Texas to design and build the dam. Finally, in 1916 construction on the dam was begun and was completed in 1918 to store the surplus waters of the Cimarron River for power plants, mining and irrigation. Most of the labor for building the dam was provided by the Taos Pueblo Indians. The largest privately constructed dam in the United States, the concrete structure is 400 feet wide, stands 140 feet above the river bed, and is 9.5 feet thick at its crest and 45.2 feet thick at its base. Supposedly, eagles built nests on the sides of the new dam and that's how it got its name.


Read more HERE.



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What our readers are saying about Legends Of America.

What a wonderful page! Packed right full of very interesting information!! New Fan! - Sherry Dulaney~ Mountain Photography on our Facebook Page.

Totally love your website. I am massively interested in American History and have a particular interest in "Old West" and your website is jam packed full of useful and educational information. Really enjoy it. Mark - United Kingdom

Tenth Anniversary Photo Contest  

Win one of 3 Great Prize Packs


Now through September 30, 2013, enter your photos to win Legends' Tenth Anniversary Photo Contest


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Photos must be taken in the United States of landscapes, buildings, roads, monuments, animals, and city views that are focused on American History and Travel Destinations. For all the details, rules and to enter, visit Legends' Photo Contest! (please note, do not reply with entries via this email. Details on how to enter are on our Photo Contest page only)



More.. What our readers are saying about  Legends of America


This is the best site of its kind on the internet. I often end up here when I'm researching U.S. history and myths. Thank you so much for all your hard work and your willingness to share. - Mary in Colorado


Enjoyed the reading. Contained valuable information that I may have otherwise taken for granted. - Francis, New Jersey

Legends of America is a site well worth supporting. It is a celebration of the American Heritage--which often includes Canadian history as well--that would otherwise be forgotten. It is one of the most educational on the web. - Gerry  - Canada






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