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Today, Marysville is a sidewalk of history, with numerous old buildings dotting the landscape, as well as its historic (though unkempt cemetery.) The old graveyard has but just a few headstones left that are visible, but includes several graves of a mining disaster which occurred at the nearby Belmont Mine in 1891.


In town, several buildings remain including the 1895 J.A. Shaffer Mercantile, the Masonic Lodge, Nels Lund Saloon, the 1886 Methodist Church, the schoolhouse, and lots more. The hillsides are dotted with cabins and mining remains.


But changes have been coming to Marysville in the last several years, as it has slowly progressed into a bedroom community of Helena, as well as a summer destination for many who have rehabilitated existing old buildings and built brand new homes.


Methodist Church in Marysville, Montana

Built in 1886 the Methodist Church was utilized for services until 1939. Today it has been fully restored by its owners.  July, 2008, Kathy Weiser. This image available for photographic prints and  downloads HERE!




Marysville was due for more change, as the high price of gold in in the late 2000's saw the Drumlummon Mine re-opened, however in the summer of 2013 after the price dropped from it's peak the mine stopped operations. 

Though Marysville has slowly moved on into the 21st century, its old legends and tales persist. According to the lore of this old mining camp, there are numerous strange events that take place in the area. Locals say that Marysville and the surrounding area is haunted by a number of unearthly spirits which include some ghastly tales.

Near Marysville, an unexplainable hunter, who is riding a bicycle and appears to be severely mangled, has been sighted pulling a dead wolf. Nearby, a headless woman has been spotted on the summit of Bald Butte. Another, not so welcome guest, has been spied in American Gulch. This gentleman is said to be an old miner with a big mustache and a hook right hand. Another probable miner, who also appears headless, has been seen near 1 Spring.

Ghosts or no ghosts, the community of Marysville is a wonderful stop for ghost town enthusiasts.

To get to Marysville from Helena, travel north on I-15 for about 9 miles, then turn left (west) at exit 200 onto Lincoln road/CR-279/CR-453 for about 10 miles, then left again at Marysville Road for about 6 miles. 

For More Information see : Marysville, Montana


Kathy Weiser/Legends of America, updated July 2014.


Lund Saloon, Marysville, Montana

This building was constructed after the fire of 1909 and originally served as Nels Lund Saloon. During the 1940's it operated as a grocery store. July, 2008, Kathy Weiser. This image available for photographic prints and  downloads HERE!


Marysville, Montana

Looking down on mainstreet from a hill on the west. The pond is the where the

 old railroad turntable was located. Kathy Weiser, July, 2008.



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Marysville, Montana Mine

Old mining remnants and cabins dot the hillsides in and around Marysville. July, 2008, Kathy Weiser. This image available for photographic prints and  downloads HERE!


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