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Indian Harvest Trading Post - A DON'T Stop

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Indian Harvest Trading Post

West of Villa Ridge is the Indian Harvest Trading Post, Kathy Weiser, November, 2007.



While this is not a vintage location, the Indian Harvest Trading Post exemplifies the Route 66 "style" and looks like an "inviting" stop for Route 66'ers. But, based on our experience and those of other travelers, this is a "MUST AVOID" stop, as the business owners are not, in the least, bit friendly and don't "want any "Route 66 Trash" on their property. Ok, folks - they said it -- we need to listen.


Located between Villa Ridge and St. Clair just east of Exit 242, these folks had a great idea when they built this place, but, unfortunately, it's not working for Route 66 enthusiasts. Though it has the "flavor" of old Route 66, this "retail" operation seemingly doesn't have it's heart into what the old Mother Road represents, but instead, appears only to be focused on profit. Yes, we understand that businesses have to make money, but, this establishment is seemingly missing the point of how to do that.


The trading post charges customers to come into their "teepee store," which is not, by the way, reminiscent of a museum, not nearly as cool as other trading posts along the route, nor in any way, warrants an admission charge. When Legends of America visited in November, 2007, the admission charge was $2.00, the amount of which could be credited against a purchase. We forfeited the admission charge as most of the merchandise appeared to have been imported from Mexico and had very high prices.


Certainly, this place does not portray the Route 66 revival at it's best. Though we were able to snap a photo, we also hear that photos are no longer allowed and quite frankly, we have to suggest you pass on this stop.


***As of 2015, Trip Advisor reviews show exactly what we mean.



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