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Most Haunted Places in the U.S. - Page 2

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The Lemp Mansion, St. Louis, Missouri

The Lemp Mansion looks pretty harmless during the day, November,

2007, Kathy Weiser



Lemp Mansion, St. Louis, Missouri - Said to be one of the ten most haunted places in America, the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri, continues to play host to the tragic Lemp family. Over the years, the mansion was transformed from the stately home of millionaires, to office space, decaying into a run-down boarding house, and finally restored to its current state as a fine dinner theatre, restaurant and bed and breakfast. The scene of triumph and tragedy, with a background of intrigue, scandal and suicide, visitors have reported a wide range of phenomena at the Mansion. Tales of phantom guests sitting on chairs and misty white apparitions appearing throughout the mansion are often told. Candles are said to mysteriously light of their own accord and the smell of cigar smoke fills the area in the non-smoking environment. Guests have claimed to have felt someone stroking their hair in the night and receiving phantom phone calls. Personal items have been known to disappear or be moved. More ...




Lincoln Theater, Decatur, Illinois - The grand old Lincoln Theater was built in 1916, but the haunting history that surrounds the building goes back beyond the theaterís construction. Prior to the theater being built, the site was home to the old Priest Hotel, which opened in 1880 and stood until it was burned down in 1904. Said to be haunted by several ghosts, the most well known is one that is called Red, who is thought to have been a former employee of the theater. After falling from the catwalk he died and allegedly remains. Others report having seen the ghost of a young woman and a male figure standing on the stairs. Paranormal activity includes ghostly footsteps, cold spots, sounds of people walking on stage when no one is there, and phantoms sitting in the seats of an empty audience. The historic theater has been undergoing a restoration project since the 1990's but continues to be open and host live entertainment.


Moore Home-Ax Murder House, Villisca, Iowa - One the morning of June 10, 1912, the small mid-western community of Villisca, Iowa awoke to find eight of their own had been brutally murdered by an axe during the middle of the night. This fateful evening changed the town from a peaceful community where people left their doors unlocked and trusted their neighbors into a community of suspicion, where the townsfolk reinforced their locks and openly carried weapons. Accusations, rumors and suspicion ran rampant among friends and families. Newspaper reporters, private detectives and law enforcement agencies from neighboring counties all verged upon the town collecting hundreds of interviews and and facts. Though there were several suspects, the murders were never solved. The walls of this old home today continue to protect the identity of the vicious murderer who bludgeoned to death the entire family of Josiah Moore and two overnight guests. Open for tours today, the old house is said to be the site of a number of paranormal activities. A number of reports have been given that visitors hear the sounds of children voices and laughter when there are none present, objects seemingly move of their own accord, mysterious banging sounds are heard throughout the house. paranormal investigators are known to have come away with mysterious  audio, video and photographic evidence. More ...


Mount Misery Road, West Hills, New York - Not far from the populated built up areas of Long Island, the small hamlet of West Hills sits quietly in an amazing country setting surrounded by a nature preserve. The community is filled with very old well-to-do homes, hidden behind groves of trees, along with horse farms and paddocks. There are no street lights, telephone poles or cable lines; and roads are narrow, including that of Mount Misery Road. Though residents have long tried to change the name of the road, most likely to stop the late-night tourists, hey have been unsuccessful due to resistance by historical societies. There have long been paranormal legends along this historic and narrow path including ghostly faces seen in the trunks of trees, strange lights playing over the woods, and misty apparitions that appear to drivers. Reports of the "Lay in White" are often told, where visitors have seen her walking on the side of the road, but when they turn around, she is gone. There are other reports of a phantom hanging from a bridge, the result of a long ago suicide. Others report a phantom demonic-like dog that lurks in the wood a a group of men dressed in spotlessly clean black suits. A graveyard ghost named Mary allegedly haunts an old cemetery along the side of the road.

Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, Louisiana

Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, Louisiana


Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, Louisiana - Built in 1796 by General David Bradford and first called Laurel Grove, the antebellum plantation near Baton Rouge operates as a bed and breakfast today and offers historical and mystery tours. Said to be one of the most haunted homes in America, an number of theories abound as to why it is so haunted. But, when one learns the history of this old building, it becomes more clear. First, it was allegedly built on the site of an ancient Indian burial ground and after the house was done, ten murders were committed within her walls. There are number of strange events that occur within the mansion including handprints in the mirrors, the sound of footsteps on the stairs when no one is their, strange smells and objects that move or disappear. there are allegedly a number of spirits that remain within the building including a French woman who wanders from room to room, a ghost who sits at the grand piano playing the same chord over and over again, and a young girl who only appears just before thunderstorms.


But, the most famous apparition of the home is a woman named Cloe. A slave, she became her master's mistress, and when he tired of her, she began to eavesdrop on the family. When she was caught, she had her ear cut off and sent to the fields to work as punishment. As revenge, she poisoned a family birthday cake, which killed the family's two children and the mother. The other slaves, fearful of the plantation owner's wrath, dragged Cloe out of the house and hanged her. The spirit of Cloe, as well as the two children and the mother are said to remain within the house.



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