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Route 66Route 66LEGENDARY ROUTE 66

Tattoo Man in Oklahoma

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The Tattoo Man of Route 66, by The Road Crew


"A lot of guys have tattoos of devils and skulls and some things satanic but that just wasn't me."

- Ron Jones




Woot 66 License PlateRon Jones lives in Bartlesville, Oklahoma about 50 miles west of Vinita, via Highway 60. Ron is a car enthusiast driving a patriotic 1956 Chevy decked out in shining red, white and blue that he has owned for thirty years. Mr. Jones and his classic car once made a trip all the way to Los Angeles, California for a one day car show. In addition, he and his car have often traveled to Laughlin, Nevada and Monroe, Louisiana. He says: "I'm not afraid to go anywhere at the drop of a hat if I can."


Back in the mid 1990's, Ron and his prized 210 two door sedan went to a car show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. There, amongst the classic cars, was what? None other than a Route 66 exhibit with all manner of Mother Road memorabilia, and that was the hook that "drove” Ron to his current obsession.


Ron and his customized Chevy, complete with sunroof and a log chain steering wheel, began to travel the Mother Road. But that wasn’t enough for Ron. He wanted even more of dear old "Mother." At the age of 51, he got his first tattoo. Of what? You guessed it - ole’ Route 66!  The tattoo was of the 66 shield and a piece of the highway.


Four years later, in 2004, he had 23 of them running up and down his legs! Having at least two from each state, including one of the long lost Coral Court in St. Louis, Missouri.


When I asked Ron in 2004 if he has a favorite tattoo, he said: "I really don't have a favorite because they all mean something different." However, he really likes the Snow Cap Drive-Inn in Seligman, Arizona. Of the Snow Cap, Ron said: "The owner, Juan Delgadillo, was a real treasure of Route 66."


He also likes the one of the 66 Drive-In in Carthage, Missouri, because it displays the back end of his car; and he likes the Cozy Dog in Springfield, Illinois, because the owner is a friend of his.


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Ron Jones and his 1956 Chevy in Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Ron Jones and his 1956 Chevy in Bartlesville, Oklahoma


 September, 2005 - Ron expanded from his legs with a tattoo of Cool Springs, Arizona on his back.


Cool Springs, Arizona


 December, 2004 -- Ron includes Club Cafe!


Club Cafe Tatoo

Click on the above photo to see a larger version.


Snow Cap Drive In Tattoo

The Snow Cap Drive-In in Seligman, Arizona is one of Ron's favorite tattoos.


The Snow Cap Drive-In in Seligman, Arizona

The Snow Cap Drive-In in Seligman, Arizona


Carthage, Missouri Drive-In

Carthage, Missouri Drive-In, June, 2003, David Alexander. This image available for photographic prints HERE!


Route 66 Drive-In Tattoo

Ron's 66 Drive-In tattoo is one of his favorites

because it shows the back of his car.


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